Cost Savings: Fuel Cost Comparison Chart;
wood vs propane, wood vs electricity, wood vs fuel-oil, wood vs natural gas

Please call BEN at 828-683-0025, for a custom analysis of the savings you will likely experience, since this will depend upon which fuel you currently use for home heating, and a few other factors like the availability and price of wood AND the wood that you will be burning.

For example, if you currently heat your home with propane, you can expect to reduce your heating costs by about 85 percent, since wood is less than one-fourth the cost (per BTU) of propane and whole rounds are even less expensive!

If you cut your own wood, your savings will be even greater!

Fuel Cost Comparison Chart

Heating Method BTU's/Unit Units Required To Produce
200 Million BTU's
Approx. Current Fuel Price/Unit Total Cost To Produce
200 Million BTU's
Electricity 3,413 / kWh 58,600 kWh $0.10 / kWh $7032.00
Propane 91,000 / gallon 2,198 gallons $2.60 / gallon
It HAS been $4 - 6, remember?
Natural Gas 1,000 / cubic ft 200,000 cubic ft $1.22 / 100 cubic ft $2440.00
Fuel Oil 140,000 / gallon 1428 gallons $2.70 / gallon $3856.00
Wood (Oak whole rounds) 25.7 million / cord 7.8 cords $100 / cord (whole rounds) $780.00
* The amount of heat created and used is measured in BTU's.
An average home uses 200,000 BTU's of total energy for heating per year. This includes 25% usage for the heating of domestic water, which will also be free.
** Amounts listed are average and current as of November 2015, depending on locale.


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Please see the Wood Boiler PayBack Calculator to calculate YOUR savings!