Nature's Comfort Wood Boiler NCB-175


Choose from a wide variety of colors for our
NCB-80, 175, 250 & 325G boilers!                 >>>

Prices shown listed include the standard colors of Evergreen or Charcoal.

All other colors (shown to right) are an additional $100.00.

The NCB120 & GT-6000 are available in only their respective standard colors.

Nature's Comfort Boiler NCB-175 Ash Pan  

 Nature's Comfort Boiler Colors

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In STOCK and ready to ship NOW!


Nature's Comfort Wood Boiler / Furnace NCB-175

Price $6,980
 In STOCK and  ready to ship NOW!  

The coal version is 100% Legal in the U.S. for residential heating, except in NYS.

The wood version is only legal for commercial or non-residential heating; a Business, a Shop, Garage, Greenhouse, Pool, Walkway, etc

The NCB-175 is not available in the wood version.


Download the NCB175 Wood Boiler Flyer 

Download the Nature's Comfort NCB-175 INSTALLATION Manual 


Nature's Comfort Furnace NCB-175 COAL; Legal in the U.S. for residential heating except NYS

Price $6,980 Weight: 1983 lb

Download the NCB175 Coal Boiler Flyer  






This is the 1/4″ thick version at $5980 or you can get the 50% THICKER OPTIONAL 3/8" thick firebox!

No other options needed because this has the biggest pump and the biggest forced-air induction fan!

This blows air/oxygen in from the bottom, just like a blacksmith's forge for a roaring hot fire than will even burn wet / green wood!

Other models, if they even have a fan, have them on the front door blowing air into the side of the pile of wood.

Extra pumps for extra buildings, will be installed. if needed.

Installation parts are readily available!


OR the 50% THICKER OPTIONAL 3/8" thick firebox!

Nature's Comfort Firebox Thickness
Just $200 MORE!



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Nature's Comfort Boiler 175 Ash Pan

Nature's Comfort COAL Boiler NCB-175 COAL




This rod above the ash door is the only external visual
difference between the coal and wood boiler; as seen in
the NCB Lineup photo above - far left boiler.



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We actually had not been heating our 2nd floor bedrooms in the old part of the house earlier this winter due to the cold winter and L.P. prices (and lack of insulation).

 Now that our GT-6000 is installed, not only is our basement floor and garage heated, but our 2nd floor bedrooms are heated as well……just in time for our little boy from the foster system to move into his bedroom!

God’s timing is perfect!

Your boiler allowed us to install a heat exchanger on both furnaces (old and new parts of the house), hook up the floor heat in the basement and garage, and heat our domestic water as well.

We are very pleased!

Also, a bit on the techno-geeky side, we have 2 wifi thermostats installed as well as a wifi boiler temp sensor, so I can keep tabs on the system from my iPhone.