Nature's Comfort NCB-400G Gasification Boiler

   Nature's Comfort Line-up of Wood and Coal Boilers



Nature's Comfort NCB-80 Boiler Out of Stock HOWEVER, see this dramatically priced replacement WITH a pull-out ash tray! Just $3495

Nature's Comfort Wood Furnace NCB-120    $5980

Nature's Comfort NCB-175 Boiler    $6980

Nature's Comfort NCB-250 Boiler    $7980

Nature's Comfort NCB-275G Gasification Boiler  $8780

Nature's Comfort NCB-325G Gasification Boiler  $9780

Nature's Comfort Wood Furnace NCB-400G Gasification Boiler

EPA Phase II Qualified GT-6000 Downdraft Gasification Wood Boiler
Lowest PRICE on any EPA Boiler! $8980 JUST ONE LEFT!


     Nature's Comfort NCB-400G Gasification Boiler   


    Look at the HUGE loading door and the removable ash tray below!

The coal versions (shown above) are 100% Legal in the U.S. for residential heating, except in NYS.

The wood version is only legal for commercial or non-residential heating; a Business, a Shop, Garage, Greenhouse, Pool, Walkway, etc

Commercial / Non-Residential NCB-400G Wood Gasification Price $9,980


Nature's Comfort NCB-400G Coal Boiler with CAST IRON Shaker Grates!

Priced at just $10,580



Download the NCB-400 Wood Boiler Flyer 

Download the NCB-400 Installation Manual 






Nature's Comfort Wood Boiler 325G Coal Version


This rod above the ash door is the only external visual
difference between the coal and wood boiler; as seen in
the NCB Lineup photo above - far left boiler.




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"Stove does an excellent job" 

... The stove does an excellent job heating our 5000+ square foot home built in 1880 and is easy to maintain.

Aaron P. in Kansas